Validate your product with your target market pre-launch, using our expert-designed concept testing solution.

For product development to be successful, it’s critical that product teams get customer feedback early and often. A product evaluation survey can arm product teams with insights and data that can drive better decision-making throughout the lifecycle of the product. Ideally, you can begin getting customer feedback on your initial concept, then continue with a feedback survey on everything from the product name to the packaging, and pricing.

Concept Appeal

Is your product enticing, creating a positive image for potential customers?

Claim Believability

Your claim needs to be supported by well-researched evidence. Strong evidence comes from credible sources, like Abner.

Product Innovativeness

Do customers feel improved design, materials, look, capacity, functionality, and overall user experience?

Buyer Intent

What is the extent to which customers are willing and inclined to buy your initial concept?

Perceived Quality

What is the consumer’s first impression when observing and/or interacting with your initial concept?

Value for Money

Is your product the most advantageous combination of cost, quality and sustainability to meet customer requirements?