Cloud-based Retail Audit

A retail audit is essentially an accurate analysis of a number of operational factors based on a store checklist. It help brands measure and monitor retail success by analyzing the shopper’s experience with your products in-store. Using a retail audit, your brand can identify the time it takes for a shopper to find your products on shelf, the helpfulness of store employees, the scarcity or abundance of stock and more.

Abner Insights cloud-based retail intelligence solutions provide visual merchandising store evaluation, retail price, inventory levels, planogram compliance, validating the data, and presenting it in an easy-to-use custom online dashboard to gain actionable retail insights and increase sales.

Store audits consist of a few main categories which make up a retail checklist. Some of the categories are:



Brand availability

In-store persona

Competitive intelligence data

Cloud-based Retail Census

With a comprehensive outlook Abner Insights provides cloud-based customized retail census solutions to measure the size and characteristics of the universe. Use advanced geotagging, GPS coordinates and profiled store enabled solutions and gain deeper market insights to boost distribution network and sales.

Details collected in a retail census typically include outlet name, address, telephone number, outlet type, use of scanning equipment, presence of air conditioning, refrigeration facilities, number of hours open per day, monthly turnover, floor space, and presence of major product categories.

Identify the stores that are trading competition products, but your distribution is missing out in servicing them.

Distinguish stores that are category leaders in a particular area.

Locate new stores coming up.

Discover industry grade outlets

Competitive intelligence data

With the customized retail store census solutions, Abner Insights field auditors equipped with area maps and questionnaires, scan street by street collecting important information like store name, address, telephone number, outlet type, major product categories traded, supporting images, etc.