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We built Abner Insights for brands and businesses who believe in the power of market data, and for those who seek actionable insights to make intelligent decisions. We are here to support brands to maintain a competitive edge through powerful insights, by valuably conducting market research that provides critical information about the market and the competitive landscape.

Abner is home-grown in GCC, and we have strong cultural awareness, dynamic values, and regional flavor. Growing organically to the wider Middle East territories. We are passionate and innovatively strive to gather data to learn more about target demographics and consumers so that customer business can market itself more effectively and, ultimately, succeed in the market.

We are progressively stepping in to expand and create an all-inclusive platform that brings companies and businesses the ability to reach their customers in real-time to interpret customer perception and experiences beyond the metrics.

Today Abner Insights is used by customer-feedback-centric organizations in the Middle East, from small businesses to large enterprises. We are delighted to empower businesses to do just exactly what we set out. But there’s a lot more to come, and we’re just getting started.

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Our Passion

Passionate about Progress

Our passion for progress drives us to create customized solutions that benefit our clients. Every dot that we connect brings us one step closer to our goal of becoming the most valued Market Research Firm in GCC by 2033. Let’s connect the dots together, to create a more sustainable future for all.

Passionate about Efficacy

We are obsessed with premium quality research. Our intellectual investments in our clients, our communities, our people, and our technology, reflect that passion and commitment; emerging as true market disruptor.

About Us

Abner DNA

“We are designed for unprecedented experiences and those bold enough to chase them.”

Abner never settles for mediocrity. We constantly strive to push the boundaries. We don’t engage in something for namesake and then wipe our hands and move on. We relentlessly attempt to make things better through improvements and engagements. That means, your annual tracking surveys will emote advancement with every reboot. That also means our people are involved, enthusiastic, and committed to their work.


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Elevating Customer Experience
Focusing on end-to-end experience by offering multiple channels for support – is part of our Omni channel approach. Optimizing wait and response times – which could mean a strategy that mixes digital and in-person support. Closing the loop with customers – turning every experience into a positive outcome.

As our technology scales from companies to communities, we will begin to close gaps in ways we never dreamed possible. Not only will our market research power the world’s greatest companies, but by understanding consumer behavior, sentiments, and values, we will close big market gaps. Because many of the pressing business problems occur from a lack of market data – and that’s a problem we can solve.

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Abner Insights:

Accurate Data, Informative Insights to Fuel Strategic Business Decisions

while the Middle East was desperately trying to recover from the Covid-19 slump, it got gripped by the Ukraine crisis and subsequent inflation slowing its economic growth in 2022 to just 3.1 percent. GCC consumer categorization therefore could no longer be confined to metrics like purchase history or income level. Some other macro level trends started to take center stage instead. These trends were driven by the need for Microdata, Online, and social listening to drive research and the boost in demand for Real-time market research. Companies working in this field had to therefore adapt and customize their solutions and services to meet the needs as per the trends. Sharjah, UAE, based Abner Insights is an example of one company that quickly adapted and transformed by leveraging its strategic intelligence.

Abner Insights is a strategic Market Intelligence firm in the Middle East. Abner helps brands connect with their audience more effectively, benchmark, and monitor market position over time. “Market research is a very specialized type of business consulting. It is not something everyone can do and often takes an experienced talent to be done well. With multiple facets, methodologies, and techniques, Abner specializes in four types of data analysis including Descriptive analysis, Exploratory analysis, Inferential analysis, and Predictive analysis”, says Shinu Varghese, Director at Abner Insights. Abner’s analysis and insight help brands derive real data-driven commercial value faster. Abner’s research methods, technological scalability, and strong industry coverage set it apart from other market research firms. Its key features are Contactless real-time feedback on-premise, Customized feedback forms, feedback through QR code, tablets, and kiosks solutions, real-time SMS & Email Alerts, and the ability to view in-depth reports instantly.

Strategic Data to Scale Businesses Abner specializes in core market research and analysis which involves collecting, inspecting, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data to draw useful insights from it. Abner services include CSAT & NPS Survey, Shinu Consumer Behavior Insights, Brand Insights, and Cloudbased Retail Audit. Abner specializes in large-scale CSAT & NPS Survey. Through this, customers get a priceless, contactless customer experience measurement in real time, with feedback from on-premise applications.

Consumer Insights on the other hand analyses human behaviors, allowing brands to really understand what their consumers want and need and most importantly, why they feel this way. Businesses can use Abner’s Consumer Behavior Insight to expand their product, and service offerings, develop new marketing strategies, create detailed customer personas and customer journey maps, and enhance current offerings. Further, it provides key research facts, recommended actions, and growth strategies to amplify business growth.

Third is Abner’s Brand Insights, an umbrella term that covers metrics like brand awareness, brand perception, brand integrity, brand trust, as well as a brand’s value proposition and mission. It helps businesses bridge the gap between consumer feelings, behavior, and sales; thus helping businesses understand deeper to exponentially grow their brand. Lastly, to ensure every client has accurate market insights, Abner leverages cloud-based retail intelligence solutions. Its cloud-based retail intelligence solutions provide visual merchandising store evaluation, retail price, inventory levels, planogram compliance, validating the data, and presenting it in an easy-to-use custom online dashboard. Besides, Abner specializes in developing and recommending strategies to optimize a brand marketing operation.

Abner performs extensive market research and analysis, gather, and analyze customer feedback, and spearhead surveys and studies to determine how the current marketing projects affect the consumers. Using the research findings, Abner research consultants develop conclusions and recommendations that adhere to the client’s goals.

Onward and Upward Sighting an example of a success story, Shinu said a client ‘high speed broadband internet service provider’, was able to surpass the competition based on the concrete competitive market landscape analysis shared by Abner Insights used to make policy-level strategic decisions based on brand positioning, consumer trends, and market opportunities. Further, Abner delivered a concrete brand market share analysis for an online food delivery company through its customized three-fold approach.

“Through our research and analysis, we were able to help brands identify growth opportunities, compete more effectively and make informed decisions”, adds Shinu. Over the years, Abner has catered to various companies across industry verticals such as Airport, Apparel, E-commerce, Retail, Education and Academics, Automobile Retail, Financial Sector, and many more.

“Intelligence is always a key input to support decisionmaking. We are experts in primary market research and complex data analytics. The value of using our market research services to your business is invaluable”, says Shinu.

In the future, Abner hopes to become a communication research, data, and training center that links between academics, brands, practitioners, policymakers, and the public to contribute to the Middle East society.

Powerful & customizable customer surveys and feedback forms

Gauge CX metrics like CSAT, NPS, and CES

Get real-time feedback, insightful analytics, and alerts

Obtain feedback through QR Code, Tablets, Email, SMS, and Kiosks solutions

Use Abner to gather on-premise customer feedback

About Us

Refined Data and Smarter Tools

Advancements in information technology are evolving rapidly. The ability to know what is happening in real-time enables faster and more significant decision-making. Utilize the power of technology to measure your customer experience, predict brand trajectory, identify brand image, or unravel customer dissatisfaction.

Abner Insights is a premier provider of market intelligence. Abner’s analysis and insight help businesses derive real data-driven commercial value faster. Abner’s survey methods, technological scalability and strong industry coverage sets it apart from other market research firms.

Perform large scale customer surveys across multiple channels and see all your data in real-time on Abner platform.

“Abner Surveys, well-crafted and expertly designed to impress”.

Powerful & customizable customer surveys and feedback forms

Gauge CX metrics like CSAT, NPS, and CES

Get real-time feedback, insightful analytics and alerts

Obtain feedback through QR Code, Tablets, Email, SMS, and Kiosks solutions

Use Abner to gather on premise customer feedback