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Get priceless contactless customer experience measurement in real-time with feedback on Premise application.


Gain a deeper understanding of how your customers think and feel about your products and services and use the data for growth.


Bridge the gap between consumer feelings, behavior, and sales; helping you understand deeper to exponentially grow your brand.


Get to know your target market fully & well with cloud-based retail audit & cloud-based retail census services.

Contactless customer experience measurement in real-time


Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) is a customer experience metric that measures happiness with a product, service, or support interaction and reflects customer contentment with your brand.
With Abner Insights, you can set-up on premise feedback app which is purely contactless and sends you alert real-time. This permits the customers to share their experience to you directly, allows you to keep a track and to take action to improve customer experience.

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growth startegy based on data


Consumer insights allow business teams to gain a deeper understanding of how your customers think and feel about your products and services, which factors drive consumer decisions, purchase triggers, and customer expectations.
Businesses can use Abner Insights to expand their product, service offerings, develop new marketing strategies, create detailed customer personas and customer journey maps, and enhance current offerings.
Abner Insights provides key research facts, recommended actions and growth strategies that will help you amplify the company’s growth.

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Insights to optimize brand management


Business is built on customer relationships, and brand perception sets the tone. Are you close to consumers’ perception of your brand? What is your brand funnel? What is your brand awareness and brand recall values score? How does your brand square up to the competition? How can you grow your brand value and perception?
By connecting insights from multiple data sources, Abner Insights helps you bridge the gap between consumer feelings, behavior, and sales; helping you understand deeper to exponentially grow your brand.

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Cloud-based Retail Audit

Abner Insights cloud-based retail intelligence solutions provide visual merchandising store evaluation, retail price, inventory levels, planogram compliance, validating the data, and presenting it in an easy-to-use custom online dashboard to gain actionable retail insights and increase sales.

Store audits consist of a few main categories which make up a retail checklist. Some of the categories are:




Brand Availability

In-store persona

Competitive intelligence data

Cloud-based Retail Census

With a comprehensive outlook Abner Insights provides cloud-based customized retail census solutions to measure the size and characteristics of the universe. Use advanced geotagging, GPS coordinates and profiled store enabled solutions and gain deeper market insights to boost distribution network and sales.

Discover industry grade outlets.
Distinguish which stores are category leaders in a particular area.
Identify the stores that are trading competition products, but your distribution is missing out in servicing them.
Locate new stores coming up.

With the customized retail store census solutions, Abner Insights field auditors equipped with area maps and questionnaires, scan street by street collecting important information like:

Store Name & Contact Details

GPS Coordinates & Geotags

Outlet Type

Products Traded

Supporting Images


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